Tatiana Diacur

makeup artist

About me

   Makeup helps to become more confident about who you are, it is self-expression of your inner world and I will be glad to assist you in that.

   My love with makeup has started in teenage years  when as a model I have seen on backstage how the magic is done and I was admiring how different can look the same person.

  So after I have  moved to Athens, Greece  with  the first opportunity I went to study makeup at Freddy Makeup Stage.

    Now I cooperate with different variety of clients:

- Ladies for everyday, evening and special occasion makeup;

- Models from model agencies (VN models, ACE, Fashion Cult);

- Freelance models;

  As MUA I am also constantly working on photoshoots and backstage.

    If you are interested in my services or in cooperation feel free to contact me.